Jacques uses several different signatures on his artwork:


Jacques signs all of his original artwork with a unique “umbrella” signature. The Chicago Tribune featured an article about Jacques’ artwork and (of course) his culinary expertise and history:

Jacques Pepin Chef and Artist Original Paintings Signature“Pepin means umbrella in French you know:”

“Most striking about the space is the hint it gives to Pepin’s other passion…art. The walls are lined with his original oil paintings, all signed simply ‘Jacques,’ with the ‘J’ serving as a handle of an umbrella. Copies of his simple, almost fanciful drawings of foods and other culinary images were made into decorative tiles that are interspersed with the white ceramic tiles on the soffit above the sink and one of several work areas.‘Coming to America,’ the title of one tile, marks his relocation to the United States from Bourg-en-Bresse, near Lyon, France, where he was born to a family who owned a restaurant. Under what appears to be a blue-tinged ocean wave is a caricature of a clove of garlic, drawn to resemble an octopus. Jacques emphasizes this: “Pépin means umbrella in French, you know…” So, each of Jacques’ paintings is adorned with his name embellished with an umbrella.” [Reporter Mary Ellen Fillo]

Jacques Pepin’s Signature on One of His Individually Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints Jacques’ Signatures on His Limited Edition Signed Prints

Jacques individually signs and numbers limited editions prints of some of his original artwork. Most limited editions are from a total print run of 200. See all the available limited edition prints here. Some of these prints have sold out and are considered “retired,” meaning no more will ever be printed or sold.

Chef and Artist Jacques Pepin Initials Signature for Small Print Jacques’ Signatures on His Small Prints

Jacques signs many of his small prints with his interlocked initials.

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