Jacques Pepin’s Gallery-Size Prints

Several of Jacques’ original paintings have been made into “gallery-size” prints. These are larger than the standard 11″ x 14″ prints. Most of these are signed and numbered limited editions. (Limited editions are part of a print run—usually 200 prints. Once all of the prints in that print run are sold, the print is “retired” and no more are printed or sold.)

Jacques’ Standard Size Limited Edition Prints: Many of Jacques’ Prints are “standard size” 11″ x 14″ available framed and unframed. Learn more.

Jacques’ Signatures: Jacques signs each of his original paintings with his special umbrella signature. For limited editions, each print is individually signed and numbered. Learn more.

Jacques’ Original Paintings: Many of Jacques one-of-a-kind original paintings are also available here for sale. Learn more.

Interior Idea Gallery: Jacques’ artwork is a welcome addition to any home kitchen or dining area or restaurant, café or bistro. See how Jacques’ original artwork looks in a variety of settings. Learn more.



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