Chef and artist Jacques Pepin at work in his artist’s studio.

Here is a very special video in which Jacques talks about his hand painted menus:

“I’m a professional cook and an amateur painter. You know a chef can taste a special dish even before making it and the painter, I think can visualize shape and color that often the average person doesn’t see. I’ve been painting for over half a century and cooking for over 70 years. When I look at my old paintings, I wonder how I did them, you know. It was another time and I feel very different today. Really, I couldn’t paint the same way, even if I tried. I often wish I could taste dishes I made 60, 70 years ago. I know I would be surprised by how much my palette and my vision had changed…”

The excerpt above is just a small portion of Jacques’ narration of the video. View the whole video below:

More on Jacques’ Menus:

Several of Jacques’ menus have been made into prints which Jacques has signed. They are available here, framed and unframed. You will also find Jacques’ recent book, “Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories” here.

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