Jacques and Gloria Met on the Ski SlopesGloria Pepin and Jacques Pepin On Shore During an Oceania Culinary Cruise [*]

“According to an interview Gloria gave with PBS American Masters (scroll down for a link to the PBS video clip with Gloria), she “picked him up on the ski slope.” Jacques was a ski instructor at Hunter Mountain in New York, while Gloria was actually a ski patroller in the area. Though she was an excellent skier herself, she signed up for a lesson to spend time with Jacques. “He had a nice bun,” Gloria recalled laughingly. “He had long sideburns and I wasn’t sure whether he was straight or gay because he was so good-looking, but I said I’ll give it a shot.” She said she felt she was the better skier, but he was relentless and found plenty of things wrong with her performance during their first lesson. As Gloria’s skiing didn’t get past his critical eye, she booked a second lesson. Eventually, Jacques invited her to his apartment where he cooked dinner for their second date. “And it was wonderful, but it was all stuff from Howard Johnson’s. I didn’t know that he just reheated this beef bourguignon and then I finally found out who he was and what he did,” Gloria said..”

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Gloria Pepin Talks About How She and Jacques Met in This PBS VideoIn a PBS Video, Gloria and Jacques Talks About How She and Jacques Met

In this PBS “American Masters” video clip, Gloria Pepin talks about meeting on the ski slopes where he was an instructor and about when he cooked her dinner for the first time, all the food was from Howard Johnson’s!

View the video here.

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