Jacques Pepin Artwork Individual Letters Prints

Also available: Standard Size Full Alphabet and Gallery-Size Full Alphabet.

Jacques has added this delightful new series of all the letters of the alphabet. You can order any letter(s) above.

To get started, select a letter from the menu above, then add a quantity. You can then add another letter or letters using the menus and buttons. You can also choose the framed or unframed versions.

You can choose a single letter, or your initials or spell words (like “COOK WITH LOVE” shown below).

Jacques Pepin Individual Alphabet Letters Spell “Cook With Love”

Unframed Version

Each print available for purchase here unframed is 7″ wide x 5″ tall. The purchase price is $70.00.

Framed Version

Each print available for purchase here framed is 8″ wide x 6″ tall. Each hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind frame was custom-designed for this print by The Chester Frame Company. The purchase price is $150.00.



We ship to the U.S. and Canada only. Prints are shipped in cardboard envelopes with foam core reinforcement. Prints are carefully packed in plastic envelopes.
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