Once all of the limited editions in a print run (normally 200) have sold, that print is “retired” and no more are ever printed or sold. Ocassionally, a limited edition print is returned, one or more prints from that print run may become available. This is X/200 and was individually signed and numbered by Jacques

Giclée Prints: Each piece is a fine-art archival museum-quality print. Giclée prints require a highly-sophisticated printer, specialty paper and inks, and careful quality control. Learn more.

Jacques’ Signatures: Jacques signs each of his original paintings with his special umbrella signature. For limited editions, each print is individually signed and numbered. Learn more.

See All Limited Edition Prints For Sale: Jacques is pleased to offer for sale several signed and numbered limited edition prints of his original paintings. Learn more.

See All Retired Limited Edition Prints: When the entire print run (generally 200 prints) has been sold, that print is “retired” and no more will be printed or sold. Learn more.



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