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Photography by Tom Hopkins

Chef Jacques Pepin and Photographer Tom HopkinsTom Hopkins has been Jacques Pepin’s friend and photographer for more than 38 years. They have collaborated on many cookbooks over the years and have enjoyed many Boules games with good wine, good food, friends and family.

Through his photography, Tom’s work has taken him from sports to fashion, from people to food, and he continues to travel the world in search of new subjects and challenges.

“I don’t consider my photographs an art form so much as moments capturing a feeling or expression already present in my subjects. Sometimes I see an image that reminds me of an artist’s work and I feel as I am close to their medium with the images I capture.”

Tom lives with his wife, Christine, and their dogs and horses in Connecticut. He also curates, organizes and photographs Jacques’ artwork and is the managing member of

Like all of Jacques’ artwork, a portion of sales of Tom’s photographs here on The Artistry of Jacques Pepin go to support culinary education and sustainability.

More of Tom’s work can be seen at

Jacques Pépin in His Studio Signed Photograph by Photographer Tom Hopkins“Jacques Pépin in His Studio”
Framed: $255 | Unframed: $105
French Cafe Scenes Photographs by Tom Hopkins, Jacques Pepin’s Photographer“Café Scenes” Photo
Framed: $255 | Unframed: $105
“Mexican Bowl” Photograph by Tom Hopkins, Jacques Pepin’s Friend and Photographer“Mexican Bowl” Photo
Framed: $255 | Unframed: $105


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