Jacques’ Artwork Video Interviews

Chef Jacques Pepin talks about another of his passions: art.

Jacques Pepin on the history of his hand-painted menus and a how-to. Chef and artist Jacques Pepin talks about the early days of his now famous menus, showing examples including his very first menu, then offers a look at his creative process. Link to Video.

Introduction “It’s very difficult for me to start a painting. Like it is difficult for me to write an article—to start it—or a book and sometimes I start right in the middle of it and go on with the introduction and the end. A little bit the same thing in the painting…” Full video and text.

Ingredients “You know I am a cook by trade and of course I’m a better cook than I am a painter, I think, but there are similarities in it, you know, certainly… Of course, when you cook something you eat it, it disappears and all you have left is memory. The paintings stay there forever…” Full video and text.

Menus “You know, I have fun painting.I have been painting many, many years, not professionally. And I used to paint mostly with oil for years and years. And now I paint with oil but also with acrylic…” Full video and text.

Finishing “In cooking or in painting when do you know when you’ve reached the final decision and that’s it, no more? Well, in painting it’s kind of automatic, I don’t really know exactly what it is and very often I will try to analyze it…” Full video and text.