Video: Introduction: Jacques Pepin Interview

Chef Jacques Pepin talks about another of his passions:.

“It’s very difficult for me to start a painting. Like it is difficult for me to write an article—to start it—or a book and sometimes I start right in the middle of it and go on with the introduction and the end. A little bit the same thing in the painting. I never know exactly what I’ve going to do. I don’t really look at a model, I never did, I go more with an idea. Sometimes I have a picture and that gives me an idea. It’s more the idea of conveying an emotion and more the way I feel, certainly, than the way it looks and, in that context, I have painted very realistic painting, to semi-realistic to impressionistic or expressionism or even abstract painting in different ways. And I get a kick out of it and I would never be able to re-do the same painting again. If I look at it differently and this is always the problem, especially in an abstract painting, because there is no rule to go by. It’s just an assemblage of different shapes and color and I can go on and on and on. In many of my paintings, I have three, four paintings underneath that one. And at some point, somehow, I stop and I say ‘that‘s it, I like it.‘ Is it good? I don’t know but I stop when I feel I’m kind of satisfied with it.”

Jacques’ youtube video channel.