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LA Weekly: Jacques Pepin’s Favorite L.A. Restaurant Is Actually in Pasadena

LA WEEKLY article by Katherine Spiers:

“Cooking legend Jacques Pepin was in Los Angeles recently on a press tour for American Masters, the PBS documentary series that profiles artists in different fields. He’s given interviews for episodes featuring his friends and collaborators, including his food show co-host Julia Child, and in May Pepin himself will be the subject of a new addition to the series.”

“Pepin, whose career went from French fine dining to mass production at Howard Johnson’s, became a television star in the 1980s. That, naturally, led to a lot of jetsetting, and given that the L.A. food scene briefly shone bright in the early part of the decade, Pepin was here a lot. We chatted with him about where he ate then, and where he eats now.”

Full article and interview.

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