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Jacques Pépin Supports Culinary Education as an Educator and Contributor

From the earliest stages of his career, Jacques has always willingly shared his knowledge and experience with the general public and with students interested in the culinary arts. As well as being an educator at these two schools–The International Culinary Center and Boston University School of Hospitality Administration–Jacques supports them with a portion of the sales of his artwork. Learn more.

International Culinary Center

Jacques is the Dean of Special Programs at the International Culinary Center

Jacques Pépin: Dean of Special Programs, International Culinary Center

Video of Jacques Pepin, Dean of Special Programs, International Culinary Center talking about culinary education: the basic tools, craftsmanship & success.

The maximum education in the minimum amount of time: International Culinary Center’s first-rate education is designed for real-world achievement. Through our award-winning, Total Immersion curriculum, learn the fundamentals from experienced chef-instructors who expect the best from you. Our intensive, fast-track programs set you on a path for professional success in just months.

From the video:

“First, before anything, before you can express your talent, you should learn the basic techniques. You have to become first a craftsman. So you learn what we call in France les ficelles du métier “the trick of the trade.” That’s what we want to do. We don’t want to create genius here. We want them to become a good craftsman so that we give them the tool in their hand. But if they happen to have talent then they take those tool. They become a Wiley Dufresne or Dan Barber or Bobby Flay too–that we had a former student. For me, I can talk to you and I can cook. Why? Because I have absorbed these techniques, so much over so many years, more and more that now after endless and endless repetition they become part of yourself.”

Boston University School of Hospitality Administration

Jacques was Boston University School of Hospitality Administration Inaugural Executive-in-Residence

Boston University School of Hospitality Announces New Howard Johnson Executive-in-Residence Program

Jacques with a student at Boston University. Photo by Tom Hopkins.

“On November 29, 2016 the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration welcomed  acclaimed Chef Jacques Pépin as the first executive-in-residence supported by the recently founded Howard Johnson Executive-in-Residence Program. The Executive-in-Residence program will allow the School of Hospitality Administration to host industry executives and leaders spanning one day to multiple semesters. Executives will lend their expertise to both faculty and students through lectures, workshops, mentorship, and elective courses.”

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