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Feast it Forward to Present The World Premiere of “Jacques Pepin: The Art of Craft”

Feast it Forward World Premiere of PBS American Masters “Jacques Pepin: The Art of Craft” April 27, 2017

Jacques Pépin (left), his brother Roland, his mother Jeannette, his younger brother Bichon, and aunts and uncles in front of the family restaurant, Chez Pépin. (Courtesy Jacques Pépin)

Feast it Forward LogoOn Thursday, April 27, 2017, Feast it Forward, with support from KQED, PBS and WNET Thirteen New York, will present the World Premiere Screening of American Masters — Jacques Pépin: “The Art of Craft.”  The event will feature in person conversation with Chef Pepin, Director Peter Stein & Feast it Forward Founder, Katie Hamilton Shaffer.

“Discover the story of Chef Jacques Pépin (b. December 18, 1935), a young immigrant with movie-star looks, a charming Gallic accent, and a mastery of cooking and teaching so breathtaking he became an early food icon—joining James Beard and Julia Child among the handful of Americans who transformed the way the country views the food world.”

Feast it Forward World Premier of PBS American Masters “Jacques Pepin: The Art of Craft” April 27, 2017

“Not content cooking in French palaces, where he was the personal chef to three French presidents including Charles de Gaulle, Pépin’s American journey took him through the kitchens of Howard Johnson’s, bringing his commitment to great taste, craftsmanship and technique to American popular food. With his landmark cookbooks and television shows, he ushered in a new era in American food culture – a story that continues to unfold. Produced and directed by Peter L. Stein. Executive producer Michael Isip. Co-executive producer Susie Heller. A KQED Production in association with THIRTEEN’s American Masters for WNET.”

The PBS American Masters series Chef’s Flight  will include three other films“James Beard: America’s First Foodie”, “Alice Waters and Her Delicious Revolution” and “Julia! America’s Favorite Chef.” These will air at later dates.

Check your local PBS station for air dates.

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